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1 Eoin Bagnall St Farnan's2 St Cuan Odhran Loughrey3 St Cuan's Eanna O'Rourke4 Shaun Keane St Cuan5 Cian O'Rourke St Cuan & St Farnan's P.J. Ewing6 P.J. Ewing St Farnan's & St Cuan's Cian O'Rourke7 P.J. Ewing St Farnan's & Cian O'rourke St Cuan8 P.J. Ewing St Farnan's & Cian O'Rourke St Cuan9 St Farnan's Oliver Hogarty gets pulled to the ground10 St Farnan's Eoghan Dempsey St Farnan's11 St Cuan Evan Naughton12 Keeper Luke Anderson St Farnan's13 Lorcan Behan St Farnan's14 Lorcan Behan st Farnan's15 Lorcan Behan St Farnan's16 St Farnan's Keeper Luke Anderson17 Jack Hurbett St Farnan's18 Shaun Keane St Cuan19 Shaun Keane St cuan20 Odhran Loughrey St Cuan