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1 Kildare Minor team2 Kildare's John LynchKildare & Laois fight for the ball4 Daragh Galvin Laois5 Kildare's Michael McGovern6 Kildare's Paddy McDermott / Laois Cathal Doyle7 Kildare's Sean Hill8 Kildare & Laois up for the ball9 John Lynch Kildare10 John Lynch Kildare / Ross Bolger Laois11 Kildare's John Lynch12 Damon Larkin Laois13 Kildare's Kevin Kelliher / Laois Damon Larkin14 Laois Seamus Farrelly / Kildare's Kevin Kelliher15 Liam Broderick Kildare16 Seth Burns Mooney Laois / Jack Smyth Kildare17 Sean Greene Laois / Jack Smyth Kildare18 Sean Greene Laois / Jack Smyth Kildare19 Jack Smyth Kildare / Sean Greene Laois20 Tom Browne Kildare