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1 Eoin Bagnall st farnans2 Broin Kennedy st farnans3 Owen Omataje rathcoole4 Emmet Donoghue st farnans5 Ref Dave Sweeney (laois)6 Owen Omataje rathcoole / Cillian Manders st farnans7 Owen Omataje rathcoole8 Cillian Manders st farnans9 Alex Brady rathcoole10 Emmet Donoghue st farnans11 Daniel Lynam st farnans12 Man of the Match Eoin Bagnall st farnans13 Winning Capt's Billy Maher / Oliver Hoganty14 Leinster 'D' SF Champions St Farnan's15 Keeper Luke Anderson with his little sis Faye16 Keeper Luke Anderson with his sis Faye and Dad Davey17 Keeper Luke Anderson with his sis Faye and Dad Davey18 the allenwood lads on the stt farnans teamJoint Managers Denis Molone / Sean Langton with Joint Capts Billy Maher / Oliver Hoganty st farnans20 St farnans keeper luke Anderson with Twins Tommy / Billy Maher