Zenfolio | Blackwoodphoto's Michael Anderson | 2018 Leinster P.P. School S.F. 'A' S-final Naas CBS v Colaiste Eoin

1 Naas CBS2 Colaiste Eoin3 Naas CBS4 Colasite Manager Paraic O' Cuirrin5 Naas CBS Manager Ronan joyce6 Naas CBS Manager Ronan Joyce7 Colaiste Eoin Michael Mac Eoin - Naas CBS  Luke Griffin8 Naas CBS Capt Colm Joyce goes for tumble9 Colaiste Eoin Conor Cinseallach10 Naas CBS Tony O'Connor on the ball11 Naas CBS Ian Blackburne12 Naas CBS Ian Blackburne shots for a point13 Colaiste Eoin Colm Mac Giolla Phadraig14 Colaiste Eoin Des O'Dugain15 Colaiste Eoin Colm Mac Giolla Phadraig get a yellow card from ref Daivd Hickey16 Naas CBS on the ball Barry Kehoe17 Naas CBS Jordan McGarr18 Naas CBS Jordan McGarr19 Naas CBS Barry Kehoe20 Naas CBS Ian Blackburne